The Committees

Our CNC crew are some of the most important people on our team. Without them, our robot wouldn't be possible because they cut out the physical pieces. They cut off the pieces that our fabrication team needs and puts together making the physical robot.  


Display is the marketing division. People in this committee are very creative and are very good at creating stuff. They always give 110% to anything they do. They are dedicated and are very talented and innovative. 


The tech team works on creating the programming for the robot's hardware such as motors and wiring. They use Simulink by Mathlab which is a drag and drop software used to configure the programming.


SolidWorks team makes realistic 3D visuals of the robot. "It's almost like seeing in the future because we can see how the robot will look!" says one member. Our SolidWorks members work very hard on making sure the team has its parts made in 3D.  


They are a vital part of robotics. They provide pictures for everything! They take clear and professional pictures. They are not as big as Fabrication but they are just as important.  

Web Design

The web design team does the website for the website competition. We are part of the marketing division in robotics. We put in pictures, paragraphs, videos and everything you see here.  


Our fabrication team is very important and also the biggest committee we have! They use power tools, wood, and other mediums to build the robot. Our robot is made in big part by them. They are hard-working and creative and are quick thinkers and problem solvers.