Real Life Connections

Robotics isn't just about the competition its also about how our work connects to the real-world. We wanted to see the real-world relation to our work so we invited a lineman to show us what the job is all about. 

This demonstration by CoServ shows us the importance of lineman safety and how they protect themselves.


This is Coserv showing us the dangers of being a lineman

This is a lineman explaining his safety gear

This is a video of our experience with a linemen

Seeing the lineman was just part of what we did. We also headed to a nearby shopping center to collect donations to help support injured linemen and also to spread awareness about the news.


This is us at Watters Creek collecting donations and spreading awareness for injured linemen.

 If you want to help support linemen who were injured on the job you can donate to the Fallen Linemen Foundation: