The Leaders

Mrs. Kaplan has creative ideas. She is resourceful and helpful. She is also sweet and kind. Finally, she is encouraging and has an intuitive mind. All of these things were also said by the kids at robotics.

"Robotics wouldn't happen without her. She's calm, quiet, and good with students."

-Graham Gadd

Lauren Miracle 

She is a volunteer from Allen High School. She is here helping us for service credit for college. She helps build and paint the display. She is very helpful and creative. She is a great asset to the team.




"She is really, really, really, really nice, and she is smart."

 - Eman Khan


Mr. Gadd is a very hard worker. He's a great teacher. He is kind and supportive of the team. His vast knowledge comes in handy in many situations. All of these things were directly said by his students.  

"I'm grateful he let me on the team and am amazed by the time and effort he puts into robotics."

-Laura Kaplan

The Parents

We all want to thank the parents who put their time and energy into robotics. Robotics would not be the same without them. 

Some of these parents include:

  • Matt Beach

  • Adam Kaplan

  • Alex Nicu

  • Lalitha Ram 

  • Caustoobh Bezboruah

  • John Glotzbach

  • Audrey Barlett 

  • Ravi Bhupathiraju