The Team

Efy Bryce

I do the robotics website. I like to draw, and I'm 11 years old.


Adithya Uppathil

I am in Fabrication. I have one sibling, I am a black belt in tae-kwon-do, and I am in 8th grade. This is my second year doing BEST Robotics with Mr. Gadd in Ereckson.


Satvika Nadella

In robotics, I work on the marketing and display team.


Jay Penkar

I do media. I'm a guy that plays video games and takes pictures for robotics.


Kalkin Gupta

Hello, I am Kalkin Gupta, and I am in the tech committee and I program the robot with my tech peers. I work together with all of the team.


Writisha Bezboruah

I am in the marketing display committee, which is the artsy side of BEST. We have to make a display to go with the robot that we make for the CoCo BEST competition.


Tara Reddy

Hi, I am Tara and I’m on the display team we create fun and artistic displays for the robotics team!


Caterina Nicu

I'm in fabrication and Hannah is my BFF. I'm excited for this year.


Hannah Bartlett

I love the art of the game and all the people who work to make this possible. I am in fabrication and an honorary display member.


Mason Beltran

I'm on the display team. Outside of robotics, I play soccer, percussion, and I swim on a swim team.


Joe Joseph

I am in tech and program the robots. I like to play and have fun.


Vijay Vemulapalli

In robotics I do Solidworks. I also like to play tennis.


Jiwoo Kwon

My name is Jiwoo Kwon, and I am on the marketing display team in Robotics. My hobbies consist of drawing, writing, and playing tennis. I also enjoy any activity/activities that involve creativity and art.


Jishnu Devarapalli

I’m in SolidWorks. I virtually create parts for CNC in SolidWorks.


Arjun Chowdhry

I am in fabrication and I am very persistent, determined, and I love to solve problems.


Travis Beach

Hi, my name is Travis Beach and I run the CNC machines. In other words, I program a machine that then cuts detailed parts out of wood, metal, or plexiglass.


Grace Glotzbach

Hi, my name is Grace and I am on the display team, where we make a display to market our robot.


Dacey Lee

I am Dacey Lee, and I am part of the display team.


Karthik Peravali

I do fabrication. I am also good at building.


Kavya Ram

I do tech in robotics, and I am really excited for the competition!


Rileigh Hoffart

Hi, I’m Rileigh! I am part of the display team. I’m a golfer and I love art and reading dumb conspiracy theories in my free time.


Preeti Makam

I am in the SolidWorks team. I create all the objects for the robot online so the CNC machine can cut it out.


Rohit Bhupathiraju

In robotics, I am on the tech committee. Outside of robotics, I like to play tennis and practice viola, I also am in an FTC team.


Jude Lambert

Hi, my name is Jude Lambert and I'm in the 8th grade. I'm in fabrication.


Parker Wolf

I am in fabrication. I am 12 years old, I have 3 brothers and a dog.


Evelyn (Evie) Eubank

My name is Evie Eubank, and I am 12 years old. I am in the fabrication crew, so my task is to build the robot.


Stacy Dabrowski

I am on the display team helping with the t-shirts, posters, and overall display. I like school a lot.


Ashmit Saini

I am in the fabrications part of robotics, and I am helping SolidWorks. I like to play cricket.


Eman Khan

I'm in media/display, which means I help display and take pictures. I am in 8th grade, and I am very crafty. I like building and painting. I take tae-kwon-do and am almost a black belt. I enjoyed robotics last year, so hopefully, I will enjoy it this year.


Amit Avraham

Hi, my name is Amit I’m in the tech committee for Ereckson Robotics Team. I like to play soccer, and I’m from Israel.


Faraz Piracha

My name is Faraz Piracha and I work on the website in robotics. This is my second year in robotics.


Rachael Gadd

Hi my name is Rachael I’m on the display team and I am the robotics cool kid.


Jaivel Italia

I'm Jaivel and I'm on the fabrication team. I play Tennis and I'm looking forward to the Robotics competition then the tennis tryouts.


Brett Kaplan

Hi, I'm Brett and I am on the fabrication team in our robotics club which means I help design and build the robot.


Spencer Boyce

I build robots in robotics. I like playing video games outside of robotics.


Muid Mumtazali

I work on the CNC machine. I like reading.


Gabby Barnett

Hello, my name is Gabby! I am apart of the SolidWorks team, and I like to use computers.